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      Covering Dorset , but available in other areas also.


               Welcome to Anna's Positive Paws.


Annabelle Beddoe (ISCP.Dip.Canine prac, GODT.Master dog trainer.)


Anna's Positive Paws has been set up by Annabelle, who is a Certified Canine Behaviour Practitioner and Certified Canine Trainer, with over 12 years in the field. She uses only kind, rewarding and motivating training, teaching people how to communicate better with their dogs, by building trust. She helps you achieve this by motivating and encouraging your dog, through fun and positive mental stimulation, exercises and training games. Creating rules and boundaries in a way your dog can understand, by using better communication skills. This helps to encourage a calmer, happier and more focused companion.  These lessons give you the skills for life, to help you and your dog have the happy relationship you want.


Annabelle has patience and a huge amount of empathy towards her clients, understanding how this can often be an emotional journey. Annabelle has been a Registered Staff Nurse for 16 years, working as a nurse part time,  she can pursue both passions, of helping people and animals.

Annabelle continues to research, follow up to date evidence based practices and takes courses to ensure her clients and their dogs always get the best practice and advice.



Annabelle can help you with obedience training and behavioural problems.

Many problems can often be a combination of behavioural and obedience issues.

However, the guide below might help you, when thinking about which service you need. Annabelle is very happy to talk through the problem over the phone or email, to help you decide which would benefit you and your dog the most.



Some examples of obedience training might be:

Teaching sit, down, stand, wait.


Pulling on the lead.

Go to place or bed.

Meet and greet

Emergency stop.

Toilet training.


Prior to any Behavioural Consultation, you will be asked to take your puppy or dog for a veterinary check up. A referral check list will then be sent out to the Veterinarian, to rule out any medical conditions prior to the visit.



Some behavioural problems might be:

Excessive barking, whining, howling etc.

Aggression (such as dog on dog aggression or dog on people aggression).

Anxiety, fear, reactivity, noise phobia (thunderstorms, traffic, fireworks, etc), neophobia, agoraphobia.

Repetitive behaviours such as chasing shadows, lights etc or obsessing over objects etc.

Frustration, anxiety, anger or destructive behaviours when left alone.

Eating problems.


Annabelle offers adult dog and puppy consultations.

Also, consultations when adopting a rescue dog from this country, but also when settling in a rescue dog from abroad.

Introducing a dog to other dogs, family members and friends.

Please see services for further information.



I am fully insured with Cliverton Insurance.

Please go to my contact page if I can help you. Also, please go to the services and prices page, for information on services.  You can either phone, message or email me, thank you.