Growing up my family adopted many dogs, a Red Setter, Great Dane, King Charles spaniel, Lurcher x Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Labradoodle and now I have my own dog Pip, a Boarder Collie. Most were rescue dogs and all with very different personalities. My Uncle who was a vet, also had at one time, five German Shepherds, which I very fondly remember. These have all been a huge inspiration to me and fuelled my passion to live and work with dogs.


An essential part in my education, was recognising the different characteristics and temperaments of different breeds, along side their personality and their past experiences. Living with different dogs has shown me what a journey this can be. Some unexpected problems, can have huge impacts on peoples lives.  The trials and tribulations, the patience needed, but above all, how huge the reward is, when we get it right. Such as the unconditional love of a dog.


My biggest inspiration is my dog Pip. He had very little socialisation with his siblings and no exposure to anything outside of a cage, until four months old, when I re homed him. These first few months are so critical to a puppies developement, as they soak up everything around them like a sponge.  Pip has been my biggest teacher, because I had to learn how to understand and communicate better with him, in order to socialise and help him. He has then gone on to inspire me down a path, of wanting to help others in similar situations, as I once found myself in.


I am also very passionate about helping rescue dogs, and giving them a chance in becoming confident, happy and finding a new home. I volunteer at a rescue centre where I can give a little bit back, to these lovely dogs. This is also why i am a member of the DWA, who help to rescue and give many dogs a better future, as well as educating people about their plight.