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Behaviour Consultation: £150 (2 x home visits, written consultation plan and 2 x months email and telephone support).

Full payment of £150 prior to the visit to book your appointment and the full behavioural consultation package.


I work directly with you in your home and in the outdoors environment. During this visit I can assess your dog and any problems raised or seen, enabling me to give you a comprehensive plan.

Before I visit I will ask that you either have a vet referral or that I can request your dogs medical history. It is important to rule out any medical reasons that might impact on his or her behaviour.

 I will also ask you to fill in a small questionnaire to give me some background history prior to the visit. However, if preferred it can also be filled out together during the visit.

We will discuss the underlying reasons for your dogs behaviour and I will help you to understand and practice ways to communicate better with your dog.

 This will be followed up with a written behavioural consultation plan. You will also receive 2 x months email and telephone advice. A second follow up visit. Then any further visits will be £25 an hour. 

 The second visit must be made within the following 2 x months of the first appointment.

The First consultation visit will last around 2 to 3hrs, but this can be dependent on the observations, the dogs needs and behavioural problems.  




Basic obedience training £25 for 1hr.

This is useful for some dogs who prefer a one to one training session, instead of a class environment. Also, for those who cannot make the dates of classes due to work commitments.


 Puppy Behavioural Consultation plan, up to age of six months. £120 ( 2 x home visits, written consultation plan and 2 x months email and telephone advice.)

OR  £90 for (1 x home visit with written consultation plan.) 

Full payment prior to visit to book your visit and puppy consultation package.

 If you already have your new puppy and are having trouble in any area or simply want to check your on the right track.

You receive two home visits, and a written consultation plan.

I visit you and your puppy in the home and we look at all aspects of the arrangements. For example sleeping, toileting, puppy development, such as teething, mouthing, jumping up etc. 

Preparing for your new puppy and preparing a written programme £35

I can also help you with finding a breeder and decide on the right breed and characteristics. Helping you choose from a litter of puppies to finding the right one for you. I can help you prepare a plan and get things ready for your new puppy. Exploring all the many aspects to bringing up a puppy, from behavioural aspects and the developmental stages your puppy will go through.


After a 10 mile radius charges of 30p per mile.


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