Terms and Conditions.

When you start the consultation process and book your appointment, you are agreeing to the following.

For a behavioural consultation £150 paid prior to first visit. Cancellations should be made no later than one week before the appointment, if later than this payment is non-refundable. An appointment can be carried forward, with five days notice given. More than two changes to the appointment, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

For basic obedience training or extra sessions, payment in full is expected to book an appointment.

I will ask for your Vet to complete and divulge information regarding your dog, to ensure there are no predisposing health reasons, making a behavioural consultation or training session harmful or detrimental to your pet.

The training and behavioural modification I offer is force free. Adding stress to your dog whilst training, will only make the problem worse and the dog unpredictable

I will need the owner or carer of the dog to follow through with the advice, putting in the time, with support, to achieve the goals agreed upon. You acknowledge there is no quick fixes and hard work and time given to your dog, is required.

Some behaviours for some dogs, can be improved or managed only, not stopped. 

You will keep and maintain the full responsibility for your dog at all times.

If at any time Annabelle Beddoe believes that your dog could be a risk to herself, other members of the public or other animals she is in her rights to end the training session. Also, if the dog appears stressed or unable to cope with any environmental stresses the training session can be stopped or another appointment rearranged. 

If at any time you are unhappy, with any training or behavioural modification that is being given by Annabele Beddoe, you must voice this at the time so it can be discussed and recorded.

By completing and sending back the Consultation Form, that will be emailed to you, pre visit, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.