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We attended Anna's puppy classes which were great and very effective! So when we saw signs of nervousness in our 8 month old puppy she was the only lady we thought of asking. We spent an hour with Anna at our home, and she taught us everything we need to know to tackle the issues we have!! It was amazing, and so worthwhile!!

Thank you! From Sarah, Lee, and Henry
Thanks to anna for her help with my chocolate labradors. They are so much more relaxed and not jumping up nearly as much. They are now able to be off lead and meet new friends whilst out walking. Much happier girls now they can have a decent run. Thank you for the help and continued support
Thanks to Anna for her help with a very lively cocker spaniel. We attended classes for 5 weeks, and despite missing week one, we fitted in straight away with Anna’s help and encouragement, but more importantly Ella loved her classes and the other puppies. She was really keen to join in the activities and meet the other puppies and Anna’s classes were perfect, all about positive training, keeping it fun and letting the puppies progress at their own rate. Ella can now follow basic commands and wait for her meals without jumping up and pirouetting in the air! She is calmer on the lead and easier to manage off the leash. Recall is a work in progress but we feel safe enough to let her roam fairly free. Anna is a very kind, friendly trainer and has a lovely manner with dogs inspiring confidence in the owners. Thank you!
Thank you so much for the help with Tinkerbell she’s become a much happier and confident dog. And my bed is now my bed and not hers.
Wonderful help and simple ideas we would never thought of using.
We have a Shar Pei who was not good at being left. She had real separation issues. She would bark or howl and chew at the back of the front door. This was a real problem. Not just from the noise but the damage to the front door and possible injury to her from splinters. That was until Annabel started working with her. After a plan of action was agreed, with a couple of little changes to our routine and some simple exercises for us to do. She is now happy to be left and the front door is safe. In fact she was left the other week for best part of five hours. We arrived home and she appeared at the top of the stairs looking as if she had just woken up. She was relaxed and calm. Not stressed out at all. Wonderful. Annabel is a lovely lady who certainly helped us and we feel happy to recommend her to any one.
I was recommended Anna, by a friend of mine.
I had just privately rescued Buddy (a staffy x lab who was 21/2 years old) and I was having issues, primarily separation anxiety. It was the first time I had taken on a dog as a pet so we welcomed Anna with open arms.
From the second I met Anna I was made to feel reassured that I had made a good choice as Anna was very calming in both her speak and body language. Buddy also took to her straight away which was very important. Anna was very patient and guided me through different techniques etc to try and calm Buddy down when he couldn't see me. It took many attempts, but Anna never became impatient with me. Working on the separation anxiety was great as Anna gave me both the tools and confidence with Buddy to make sure I worked with Buddy every time I left him.
Whilst working on the separation anxiety Anna also gave me help with recall as I was desperate to be able to confidently take Buddy off his lead, when out for walks. This was made fun for both Buddy and I whilst accomplishing the goal.
As well as having face to face sessions with Anna, she was, and still is, contactable via email where she gives ongoing support if ever I need it. Most of all Anna continues to give me the confidence that what I am doing is the best for Buddy to make our lives together a happy life of companionship.
Thank you Anna for all you help.
Regards Teresa
Anna was fantastic with Roxie, who was a very barky dog, particularly when visitors rang the doorbell, knocked the door or when the postman put post through the letter box. Roxie responded well to Annas' training, new learning and enjoyed the treats. I have learned a lot too. I have a calmer dog who responds well to visitors coming into her home. I would highly recommend Anna she is passionate about her work and Roxie loved her. Thank you so much.
My loving humans brought Annabelle to meet me, as I was extreamly over excited by visitors, noises, children... well everything really. I vocalised this loudly so everyone could share in my excitment, my humans were not so excited, particuarly as they were expecting a baby human!

Annabelle spent a lot of time with me and my humans to teach them how to appreciate my excitment through showing me other things called 'distractions'- these were fantastic and sometimes tasty!

I love my new Sister and my humans no longer worry about how i may react when she gets over excited- I have thought Annabelle needs to come back to see her too!

I'm now a true gentleman, calm and sophisticated, sitting at the curb, controlling my excitment with visitors and a true loyal loving companion to my family.

My humans and I would like to thank Annabelle for all her patience (and it was a lot!), help and guidance. Thank you!!!

Lots of waggy tails,

Pedro xx